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A Social History of English Cricket

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Paperback, 1st Ed
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Derek Birley

In considering the game of cricket Derek Birley also writes about the impact of two world wars, the influence of Empire, and, in his words, 'the English caste system', in a survey that, contends Ian Wooldridge, 'will teach an intelligent child of 12 more about their heritage than he or she will ever pick up at school.' But above all, as all commentators have agreed, this is also a superbly witty and humorous book, peopled by larger-than-life cricket characters from Sir Pelham Warner to Denis Compton and John Snow, and - rarely for cricket books - forswearing nostalgia to look forward optimistically to the future of the game just as much as it retrieves the halcyon past. Closing with a warm epilogue about the recent revival of village cricket, A Social History of English Cricket is the tour-de-force of a true cricket enthusiast that will be read for many years to come.

ISBN 9781854109415


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