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Sport Is Life, Life Is Sport: Paul Roos

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Paperback, 1st Ed
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Paul Roos is one of the most highly respected coaches in Australian sport. Since he took on the coaching job for the Sydney Swans in 2000, his unique approach to motivation and leadership has transformed the Swans from bottom-of-the-table dwellers to two-time grand finalists and 2005 premiership winners. The Roos factor is widely acknowledged as the driving force behind the Swans ongoing success.

In Sport is Life, Life is Sport, Paul Roos reveals the man behind the public persona: a man deeply committed to family, to balance and to wellbeing, as well as to coaching. His wife of over 20 years, Tami Roos, joins him as they reveal the secrets and strategies behind the Roos approach to life, between them covering issues such as work/life balance, the importance of family, travel, goal-setting and prioritising, parenting, sport and health, community, spiritual well-being and, of course, coaching.

Adamant that lessons learned on the field apply equally to all aspects of life, Paul and Tami are refreshingly honest and upfront as they impart their collective wisdom, earned from lives punctuated by public achievement. Paul divulges his until-now undisclosed coaching code, the "list" he made as a player, and sheds light on the leadership structure that makes the premiership-winning Sydney Swans the heart and soul of Aussie Rules in New South Wales.

ISBN: 9781405038713

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